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Pick Your Own - Closed for the 2021 Season. 


Up-to-the-minute crop and field conditions, varieties, and current market prices.

Connecticut's Favorite Day in the Country!

We've been commercially growing fruit on the same land overlooking the Connecticut River for more than a century. It's on this land that you can enjoy being a farmer for an afternoon and pick nearly 100 varieties of fruits from June through October at CT Magazine's Best Pick-Your-Own Farm in Connecticut!

Since 1741, our family has been stewards of the land. Nine generations later, we still are committed to preserving our farmland for the generations that follow. Our Eco-certified apples and peaches are born and raised right here on our farm. Whether you buy them in the Apple Barrel or pick your own in the orchards, you are getting apples and peaches that are grown in ways that respect and preserve the ecology of our orchard.

2021 Pick Your Own Procedures

Ensuring the health and safety of our customers and employees is at the forefront of our 2021 Pick Your Own procedures.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  Most importantly, we thank you for your patronage!

  • If you are sick or not feeling well, please stay home and do not come to the farm or PYO
  • Face coverings are recommended for Unvaccinated guests and employees when unable to maintain 6’ between you and others
  • Social distancing is to be maintained between guests
  • We have enhanced sanitation practices, regularly cleaning and sanitizing high touch points
  • You are requested to wash and/or sanitize your hands prior to entering the field, using the wash station or sanitizer
  • Purchase your containers at the designated Picking Booth
  • The payment method is pay-then-pick; you can choose between 3 different size containers to purchase: 1 Quart, 4 Quart, and Tray for berries. ½ peck, 1 Peck, and ½ Bushel for tree fruit.—you will save the more you pick
  • We accept cash, credit, debit, and contactless payment options
  • Use the containers that we provide.  There is no need to bring your own containers
  • Once you are done picking you simply leave along the marked exit route and return to your vehicle—no more lines waiting to pay, and no large congregation around the PYO booth
  • A field monitor will assign you to the best picking area. We will redirect you once that area has been picked out
  • The number of pickers in the field will be limited at any given time to allow for safe social distancing—these limits will vary depending upon the field and/or the amount of ripe fruit within the field
  • These limits may lead to wait times especially during busier times and or on weekends
  • We encourage you to come during the weekday (Monday through Friday) or earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon
  • Fruit picked cannot be consumed in the field, and should be washed/eaten at home
  • Picnicking activity will not be allowed in the Orchard or in the PYO area
  • Animals/Pets will not be allowed in the Orchard or in PYO area
  • If you require a service animal please contact us in advance for specific guidelines

It's simple to pick your own at Lyman Orchards.

Before coming to pick, always call our 24-hour hotline for up-to-the-minute crop and field conditions, varieties, and current market prices. We update the message as often as necessary (especially in rainy or overcast weather) in order to help you make the best arrangements for your picking trip.

Picking areas are easy to find and clearly marked. Our Pick-Your-Own staff members are very knowledgeable about the fruits you'll be picking and containers for picking and recipe sheets are available at every Pick-Your-Own station.

Earth Friendly

We grow Eco Apples and Eco Peaches by combining old fashioned agricultural methods with leading edge technologies, and our progressive growing techniques help make us leaders in ecological orchard care. We minimize the use of sprays and other environmentally disruptive practices by encouraging and relying on natural occurring controls such as ladybugs and other predators.
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Pick Your Own Calendar

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Availability:Early June - Early July
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Availability:Early July - Mid July
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Availability:Early July - Mid August
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Availability: Late June - Late July
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Availability:Mid August - November 14th (Weather Permitting)
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Availability:Mid-July-Late September
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Availability:Late August - Late September
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Asian Pears

Availability:Late August - Late September
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Availability:Late September - Late October
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Tips for Picking at Lyman Orchards

In order for you to enjoy picking at Lyman's, we ask that you and all members of your group observe the following information:
  • Park safely off the road, in our clearly marked "Picking" parking areas
  • For everyone's safety, do not throw fruit, and do not run through the orchards and picking fields.
  • Drive slowly and carefully through the orchards, watching for children, adults, and animals that may cross the roads.
  • Do not shake or climb the trees.
  • Walk carefully through the orchards. To many animals the Orchard is home. Watch for their burrow holes. For this reason, pets (with the exception of guide dogs) are prohibited from entering the picking areas.
  • All "pickings" must be weighed and paid for at each designated Picking Booth.
  • Pick only what you want. Do not pick fruits and discard them on the ground. When picking, handle produce carefully. Treat the plants and trees with respect.
  • Pick only in designated areas. Each day we check the fruits for ripeness and suitability for picking. Picking in undesignated areas will affect the quality and shelf life of your fruit.
  • Use only containers provided by our staff, or which you have brought and have had pre-weighed by our Picking Booth staff.
  • Children under age 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Most importantly...Have fun!

The Apple Barrel

Monday-Thursday: 9:00AM-6:00PM
Friday-Sunday: 9:00AM-6:00PM

32 Reeds Gap Rd
Middlefield, CT 06455
Phone: 860-349-6000

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lyman golf

Monday-Friday: 7:00AM-5:00PM
Saturday-Sunday: 7:00AM-5:00PM

700 Main Street
Middlefield, CT 06455
Phone: 860-349-6031

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Pick your own

CLOSED for the season.

105 South Street
Middlefield, CT 06455
Phone: 860-349-6015

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