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Reminder, the Apple Barrel market is open daily from 9am-6pm.

Item Price Quantity Total
Apple, Hi-Top, 9 inch $12.99
Apple, Hi-Top, No Sugar $12.99
Apple, 12 inch $18.99
Apple Caramel Walnut $12.99
Apple Cranberry $12.99
Apple Crumb $12.99
Banana Cream $9.99
Blueberry $12.99
Blueberry Crumb $12.99
Blueberry, No Sugar $12.99
Boston Cream $10.99
Bumbleberry $12.99
Cherry $12.99
Chocolate Cream $9.99
Lemon Meringue $9.99
Mince (Nov. - Dec.) $12.99
Pecan $14.99
Pumpkin $9.99
Strawberry Rhubarb $12.99

*Prices do not include applicable CT State Sales Tax.